• Colleges Are Using Price Discrimination—Here's How to Fight It 
    You want to go to Tokyo, so you hit up Google Flights and do some research. Tickets are around $800, but you close your browser window and decide to look again later. A couple of months pass, and those same flights are now $1,200. What gives? It’s called price discrimination, and colleges use the same strategy to sell…Read more...
    - 19 May -
  • What "Classified Information" Means, and What Happens If You Divulge It 
    The media is ablaze over President Trump sharing classified information with Russian foreign officials—but what is classified information exactly? And what happens if you disclose it? Good news: You’ve been granted clearance to acquire this not-quite-top-secret knowledge.Read more...
    - 19 May -
  • Clue, The Period App, Will Now Track Your Birth Control Pills 
    Clue, one of the best period tracking apps out there, just added a new feature: you can now keep track of whether you’ve taken your birth control pills, and Clue will tell you what to do if you missed a dose.Read more...
    - 19 May -
  • "Lettuce Jam" Is the Perfect Use for That Last Sad Bit of Greenery
    I hate to sound melodramatic, but lettuce and I are enemies. It’s not that I don’t like eating salad—I do—it’s that I never eat salad fast enough before my lettuce gets “weird,” as in “not technically inedible but kind of limp and not-so-fresh looking.” This makes me feel like a failure, and I hate failure. Luckily, …Read more...
    - 18 May -
  • Finally, Some Good News for Grads: Starting Salaries Are on the Rise
    Headlines say the job market is improving, but it’s more likely that it’s just changing—the gig economy has saved workers from unemployment, but it’s also kept a lot of them from earning a full-time wage. Speaking of which, wage growth is in the toilet. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. There’s good news for new…Read more...
    - 18 May -
  • The Mad King of Juice: Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero
    Juicero began in secret. The startup, a sort of Keurig for cold-pressed plant-water—which made headlines for the $120 million in venture capital it secured from the likes of Google and Kleiner-Perkins between 2013 and 2015, and again when it announced its wi-fi-connected countertop appliance would cost a jaw-dropping…Read more...
    - 18 May -
  • How Do You Stay Creative When the World Is on Fire?
    It’s a little hard to focus these days. More crazy shit happened last night than we would expect in a week (month?) of, say, 2015. If you’ve got a creative job or hobby, how do you put the world’s happenings out of your mind so you can settle in and create something amazing? Or do you embrace the emotions you’re…Read more...
    - 18 May -
  • The MP3 Is Dead—Long Live the MP3 (Maybe) 
    When the MP3 first came out in the 1990s, it was a revolutionary digital audio coding format that significantly reduced the file size of audio content. It dropped sizes by 95 percent. This changed the culture around listening to music: people could carry a massive number of songs on a small device instead of lugging…Read more...
    - 18 May -
  • Language App Duolingo Finally Added Japanese and It's Great
    Duolingo is one of the best free ways to get started learning a new language, and they’re finally answering the pleas of wannabe polyglots everywhere by adding Japanese to their curriculum. Sugoi!Read more...
    - 18 May -
  • What I Learned from Weighing Myself 15 Times in a Day
    The scale is fickle: we lose weight when we pee or when we do a sweaty workout. We gain weight when we eat or drink or put on a sweater. But how much does that kind of fluctuation really impact the numbers we see? I weighed myself fifteen times in one day to find out.Read more...
    - 18 May -

Boing Boing

  • تازهSiri embarrasses a woman by sending a text to her crush
    Looking for relationship advice? If so, stay away from Siri. A woman who goes by CeciMula on Twitter asked Siri if a guy named Grant would send her a text. Siri, either out of stupidity or pure wickedness, created a text from Ceci addressed to Grant asking him to text her. Ceci, flustered, saw Siri's pending text, tried to get rid of it, and accidentally hit "send." She recaps the horrifying moment and what happened next in series of tweets.I JUST ASKED SIRI IF A CERTAIN BOY WOULD EVER TEXT ME AND SHE SENT A TEXT SAYING WILL YOU EVER TEXT ME TO HIM. My funeral will be held at 8pm this Thursday.— Ceci ✮ (@CeciMula) January 17, 2018Wait... she asks you before she just sends it? pic.twitter.com/eVAW7SGwHp— tay (@Taylor_Ceann) January 17, 2018Yeah I accidentally hit send trying to exit. Will no longer ask Siri for relationship advice 🙃— Ceci ✮ (@CeciMula) January 18, 2018In retrospect, no I wouldn't have tweeted this if I knew it would eventually show up on his timeline…
    - 44 دقیقه پیش, 19 Jan -
  • تازهThe rOtring 600: a classic mechanical pencil now made in Japan
    The legendary German rOtring 600 mechanical penicl is now made in Japan. I had to have one.I once spent a day of wandering around London because my girlfriend had forgotten her .3mm architects pencil that she just neeeeeeded for whatever reason. She stayed in our AirBNB, drank tea, and probably read books all day while I looked for mechanical pencils. When I finally found a shop that carried more than just Pentel in plastic bubble wrap, I was given a lesson in the style and quality of automagic penciling -- evidently my Autopoint is for low class Americans and anyone with any taste or style uses a rOtring 600.The rOtring 600 is all metal. It has an octagonal shaft, and a lovely, finely textured grip. The eraser holder has an indicator for lead hardness, much like an old camera did for ASA. When you click it pencil lead comes out, and those clicks are precise. This is a well made mechanical pencil that will last for ages. The rOtring is only $16 in .5mm.You can find this model in…
    - 46 دقیقه پیش, 19 Jan -
  • تازهScience paper's abstract has one word
    Do Large (Magnitude ≥8) Global Earthquakes Occur on Preferred Days of the Calender Year of Lunar Cycle? "No."This wasn’t the first time an earthquake-related research question was answered with a single word. Another paper from 1974 posed a similar question, basically, do earthquakes occur randomly in time, and answered it “yes.” In this case, the evidence suggests something similar: Earthquakes don’t occur on preferred days of the year, solar or lunar.“That was the point of the exercise, in fact: to boil lunar/tidal triggering down to the questions that most people think about,” Hough told Gizmodo in an email. “Once it was clear there is no evidence for a significant correlation, the abstract wrote itself =)”
    - 47 دقیقه پیش, 19 Jan -
  • تازهIt's Poe's birthday, so here's Neil Gaiman reading The Raven
    https://youtu.be/2jSHKPp-66wNeil Gaiman says Edgar Allan Poe should be read aloud, and he's right: he recorded this video of him reading "The Raven" in 2016 as part of Pat Rothfuss's Worldbuilders charity drive. It's Poe's birthday today, and I can think of no better way to celebrate it than to listen to it again. (more…)
    - 2 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -
  • EU standardizes edible insect rules
    Alternative protein advocates in Europe have been stymied by the hodgepodge of national rules regarding insect consumption, but now the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will approve applications for edible bugs that will then be legal to serve to Europeans throughout the EU. (more…)
    - 2 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -
  • We only see 5% of the universe
    Astrophysicist Katie Mack (astrokatie.com) created this startling pie-chart to illustrate the ratio of observed matter to dark matter and energy, the invisible bulk of the universe.https://twitter.com/AstroKatie/status/953983237918994432From her 2014 article, The Dark Matter Poltergeist:So what do we know? We know dark matter is real—the evidence is overwhelming. Something must be responsible for the extra gravity messing with the motions of stars and galaxies. If that doesn’t convince you, you can look to gravitational lensing—the bending of light around massive objects. The presence of dark matter accounts for the way the light from distant stars and galaxies is distorted as it travels through the universe, following the gravitationally induced curving of space-time itself. If motion and lensing don’t convince you, look at the evidence that galaxies existed within a billion years of the Big Bang. Without dark matter as a kind of cosmic glue, galaxies would have tak…
    - 3 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -
  • #BrexitStamps: The sarcastic commemorative Brexit stamps of Twitter
    MP Andrea Leadsom wants the Royal Mail to commemorate Brexit with a postage stamp. Twitter has run with the idea, shooping and tagging with #BrexitStamps, making sure to tag @andrealeadsom. (more…)
    - 3 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -
  • Surfing on extremely fluffy powder snow
    You may be expecting a typically wild blend of natural wonder and action-cam chaos. But not everyday is Monday. Rider: AlexFilmer: Ryan Edit: Kurtis [Jackson]
    - 3 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -
  • Cool collaborative student animation of Sagan's "The Pale Blue Dot" speech
    The Pale Blue Dot was made as a tribute to Carl Sagan "as the final project for the Animation 01 course at Ringling College of Art and Design." (more…)
    - 3 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -
  • Watch how to 3D print any image as a translucent lithophane
    Lithophanes were originally bas-relief artworks made of translucent porcelain that let varying amounts of light through depending on thickness. Now they same effect can be created using a 3D printer and applied to anything from Wonder Woman images to personal photos. (more…)
    - 4 ساعت پیش, 19 Jan -


  • Private Internet Access VPN Coupons 2017
    Private Internet Access VPN Coupons 2017 – best rated Private Internet Access coupons for 2017. Save big on your VPN purchase with these PIA VPN coupons. Certain words and phrases have the power to give any online prowler an instant high. Four most appreciated of these magic phrases, which are also features of the best […]The post Private Internet Access VPN Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
    - 3 Jan -
  • Siteground Coupons 2017
    Siteground Coupons 2017 – best rated Siteground coupons for 2017. Save big on Siteground hosting with these Siteground coupon codes 2017. SiteGround is more than ten years old now. During this illustrious existence, this Bulgarian based webhosting company has transformed from a college students’ enterprise run from a cramped doom room to a multimillion company […]The post Siteground Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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  • Dreamhost Coupons 2017
    Dreamhost Coupons 2017 – best rated dreamhost coupons for 2017. Save big on dreamhost hosting with these dreamhost coupon codes 2017. Shared hosting comes with immense possibilities. You can host and manage all websites from a single account whether you have just three or hundreds of websites. You can also host a design portfolio and […]The post Dreamhost Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
    - 3 Jan -
  • Shopify Review 2017
    Shopify Review 2017 – feature by feature review of the Shopify.com ecommerce platform. Is Shopify best for running an ecommerce store in 2017? Find out here. Shopify is a powerful online platform for creating a shop you can sell to online customers. Powering more than 400,000 stores and a starting fee of $30 monthly, the […]The post Shopify Review 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
    - 3 Jan -
  • Fatcow Review 2017
    Fatcow Review 2017 – Is Fatcow worth the money? Find out how Fatcow compares to other hosts in this comprehensive 2017 review and comparison article. Fatcow is one of the top web hosting solutions for budding website owners. Featuring plenty of options, a good pricing plan, and a 4.5/5 star rating, it is a great […]The post Fatcow Review 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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  • Eleven2 Coupons 2017
    Eleven2 Coupons 2017 – best rated eleven2 coupons for 2017. Save big on eleven2 hosting with these eleven2 coupon codes 2017. Rodney Giles founded Eleven2 in Spring, Houston in 2004. He started by renting servers for $299 per month; and because the said servers only got him $100 as returns every month, he had to […]The post Eleven2 Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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  • ExpressVPN Coupons 2017
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  • IPVanish Coupons 2017
    IPVanish Coupons 2017 – best rated IPVanish vpn coupons for 2017. Save big on your VPN purchase with these IPVanish coupon codes 2017. IPVanish is a very familiar name for online trotters who prefer to get some security while traversing the murk that is the online world. However, like any premium VPN service provider, it […]The post IPVanish Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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  • IPVanish Review 2017
    IPVanish Review 2017 – is IPVanish worth it in 2017? Find out via this feature by feature vpn review article. Security on the internet is a primary concern for most people. Hackers are becoming more creative by the day, finding ways to steal valuable information and resources. How can one feel safe when browsing? Individuals […]The post IPVanish Review 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
    - 31 Dec -
  • Godaddy Review 2017
    Godaddy Review 2017 – Is Godaddy worth the money? Find out how Godaddy compares to other hosts in this comprehensive 2017 review and comparison article. Godaddy is one of the best domain name and web hosting services available, offering a number of domain plans for users. For their domain name registration, we give them a […]The post Godaddy Review 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
    - 31 Dec -