• Colleges Are Using Price Discrimination—Here's How to Fight It 
    You want to go to Tokyo, so you hit up Google Flights and do some research. Tickets are around $800, but you close your browser window and decide to look again later. A couple of months pass, and those same flights are now $1,200. What gives? It’s called price discrimination, and colleges use the same strategy to sell…Read more...
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  • What "Classified Information" Means, and What Happens If You Divulge It 
    The media is ablaze over President Trump sharing classified information with Russian foreign officials—but what is classified information exactly? And what happens if you disclose it? Good news: You’ve been granted clearance to acquire this not-quite-top-secret knowledge.Read more...
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  • Clue, The Period App, Will Now Track Your Birth Control Pills 
    Clue, one of the best period tracking apps out there, just added a new feature: you can now keep track of whether you’ve taken your birth control pills, and Clue will tell you what to do if you missed a dose.Read more...
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  • "Lettuce Jam" Is the Perfect Use for That Last Sad Bit of Greenery
    I hate to sound melodramatic, but lettuce and I are enemies. It’s not that I don’t like eating salad—I do—it’s that I never eat salad fast enough before my lettuce gets “weird,” as in “not technically inedible but kind of limp and not-so-fresh looking.” This makes me feel like a failure, and I hate failure. Luckily, …Read more...
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  • Finally, Some Good News for Grads: Starting Salaries Are on the Rise
    Headlines say the job market is improving, but it’s more likely that it’s just changing—the gig economy has saved workers from unemployment, but it’s also kept a lot of them from earning a full-time wage. Speaking of which, wage growth is in the toilet. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. There’s good news for new…Read more...
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  • The Mad King of Juice: Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero
    Juicero began in secret. The startup, a sort of Keurig for cold-pressed plant-water—which made headlines for the $120 million in venture capital it secured from the likes of Google and Kleiner-Perkins between 2013 and 2015, and again when it announced its wi-fi-connected countertop appliance would cost a jaw-dropping…Read more...
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  • How Do You Stay Creative When the World Is on Fire?
    It’s a little hard to focus these days. More crazy shit happened last night than we would expect in a week (month?) of, say, 2015. If you’ve got a creative job or hobby, how do you put the world’s happenings out of your mind so you can settle in and create something amazing? Or do you embrace the emotions you’re…Read more...
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  • The MP3 Is Dead—Long Live the MP3 (Maybe) 
    When the MP3 first came out in the 1990s, it was a revolutionary digital audio coding format that significantly reduced the file size of audio content. It dropped sizes by 95 percent. This changed the culture around listening to music: people could carry a massive number of songs on a small device instead of lugging…Read more...
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  • Language App Duolingo Finally Added Japanese and It's Great
    Duolingo is one of the best free ways to get started learning a new language, and they’re finally answering the pleas of wannabe polyglots everywhere by adding Japanese to their curriculum. Sugoi!Read more...
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  • What I Learned from Weighing Myself 15 Times in a Day
    The scale is fickle: we lose weight when we pee or when we do a sweaty workout. We gain weight when we eat or drink or put on a sweater. But how much does that kind of fluctuation really impact the numbers we see? I weighed myself fifteen times in one day to find out.Read more...
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  • تازهSee this incredible full circle rainbow
    Someone on a crane captured this stunning video of a full circle rainbow. Unfortunately most of us never get a chance to see circle rainbows because the ground interrupts. Here's an explanation from Phil "Bad Astronomy" Plait in Slate:...To see a rainbow, you face away from the Sun (180°), then look about 42° away from that point (180°–138°). The drops in an arc along that angle will then bend the light back toward you, and you get a rainbow, with the colors spread out a bit because they bend by different amounts.Oh, wait. Did I say “arc”? Because technically, any raindrop 42° away from the anti-solar point (ooh, fancy science-speak again) will bend the light back to you. We see rainbows in the sky because in general the ground is close to you. When we look up toward the sky we see for a long way, and there are lots of raindrops along your eyeline that can add their light together to make the rainbow. When you look down, the ground gets in the way, there aren’t a…
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  • تازه'Détour,' the new film by 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' director Michel Gondry, was shot on a phone
    Using a $14.99 app called Filmic Pro, French indie director Michel Gondry shot his charming new short film, Détour, entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus. According to Europe1, Apple financed the project to show the quality of its phone's video capabilities. Follow the adventures of a small tricycle as it sets off along the French roads in search of its young owner.Here's some behind-the-scenes videos showing some of tricks Gondry used in the film:https://youtu.be/aPdwbvJCqfYhttps://youtu.be/DuDUqqFzELkhttps://youtu.be/sIW5qChZJPghttps://youtu.be/ZXgyX6cc5eEhttps://youtu.be/2jYI10yT07chttps://youtu.be/vInEUWuRq_Q(Open Culture)
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  • تازهSpectacular footage of desert ants versus antlion death traps
    Namibian desert Hotrod ants have evolved to tiptoe around to avoid baking to death in the unrelenting sun. But other dangers lurk, like these terrifying real-life sarlacc pits created by antlions. (more…)
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  • تازه97-year-old Dunkirk survivor on the new film chronicling the battle: 'It was just like I was there again'
    Ken Sturdy, a decorated survivor of the Battle of Dunkirk, attended the Calgary premiere of Christopher Nolan's new film that chronicles the skirmish's history.Now 97, Mr. Sturdy was just 20 years old when he fought at the Battle of Dunkirk during World War II. At the premiere of Dunkirk, a teary-eyed Mr. Sturdy told Global News, "I never thought I would see that again. It was just like I was there again."He continued, "I cried because it's never the end...As the human species, we are so intelligent. We do astonishing things. We fly to the Moon but we still do stupid things."(reddit)
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  • تازهNew Trump mouthpiece Anthony Scaramucci's deleted tweets
    The Memory Hole has set up a page dedicated to the many tweets Anthony Scaramucci deleted shortly after being named Trump's Communications Director. (more…)
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  • تازهStately and elegant "Fuck You" pinstripe suit
    Boxer Conor McGregor recently wore this custom pinstripe suit with a subtle "Fuck You" pinstripe. Now you can sport this handsome suit yourself! From tailor David August, the made-to-measure 3-piece wool suit is $6500, perfect for people with "fuck you" money in their bank account. Produced in an exclusive woven Super 130's wool in navy twill, this pinstripe effect is created with explicit fighting words presented in a vertical repeat. This couture label suit features details like:French-facing constructionStacked 'kissing' working buttons on sleeve cuffpurple camouflage silk lining1/16" hand-stitched detailingtwo-button, side vent jacketVest available in single- or double-breasted (image shown with double-breasted vest)Numbered and signed by David August HeilLimited quantities"Limited-Edition 'Eff You' Pinstripe 3-Piece Wool Suit Made-to-Measure" (via Uncrate)
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  • تازهWatch a rope of molten steel barely miss a worker
    In steelworker parlance, a cobble is a bit of steel that catches on a roller during manufacturing. Cobbles cause the molten steel coming out of the furnace to back up and snake wildly around. This guy was lucky to be uninjured after a close call with a cobble. (more…)
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  • تازهMeet Anatomic Anna and Andy, dolls with removable organs
    It's a shame that these didn't exist when my daughter was a little girl. I think she would have loved playing with them. Why? Because these unusual dolls have removable organs.Designed for 4 to 12 year olds, Anatomic Anna and Andy are the brainchildren of a London-based homeschooling mother who wanted to further her kids' STEM education but could only find anatomical models made for medical students. So, she made her own.Through her company, Little Boffins - Learn Through Play, she's kickstarting the two dolls. One doll, either male or female, costs £50 (about $64). By the way, I couldn't help but notice that they resemble American Girl dolls. So, I checked their height. Like AG dolls, Anna and Andy also stand 18" tall. Given that, I'm guessing AG doll clothes will fit this gut-spilling duo too.Thanks, Joyce!(BabyCenter)
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  • تازهCool 360-degree video of a rocket launch
    Airbus mounted a 360-degree camera on a rocket being launched as part of a microgravity experiment, and the result it pretty phenomenal. Watch the stages separate and the earth's curvature reveal itself as the Maxus 9 pops up through the clouds.Via Airbus:Following a successful launch of Maxus 9 the largest European sounding rocket with scientific micro gravity experiments, Airbus is providing a stunning 360° view from space. The spacecraft, launched from the Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, Sweden, was equipped by Airbus with support from their joint venture partner Swedish Space Corporation in order to provide unique 360° footage of the launch from the rocket perspective. Viewers can see spectacular images of the take-off, down to Lapland getting smaller while the rocket soars into the sky, then spectacular views of the Planet and Space once the sounding rocket goes through the atmosphere and reaches its highest altitude of 700km, before the payload falls free back down to…
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  • تازهIconic (and super creepy) Clown Motel is up for sale
    Between Las Vegas and Reno, there is a sleeping establishment like no other. It's simply called The Clown Motel and it's been deemed "America's scariest motel." In 2014, Cory described it as follows:Hundreds of clowns stare from every corner, the walls are hung with clown-portraits, and there is a "historic miners' cemetery" out the motel's back door, wherein rest the mouldering corpses of the victims of a mysterious epidemic that is only known as "Tonopah plague." Now it can be yours for $900,000. According to LasVegasNow.com, the motel's current owner (of 22 years) Bob Perchetti is selling it so he can retire, "I'm going to go fishing. I want to go enjoy myself. I'm going to do a little camping with the grandkids."One condition of the sale: "the new owners can upgrade it but don't lose what the people love." Wait, does that mean the clowns or the corpses? Either way, no thank you.
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  • Private Internet Access VPN Coupons 2017
    Private Internet Access VPN Coupons 2017 – best rated Private Internet Access coupons for 2017. Save big on your VPN purchase with these PIA VPN coupons. Certain words and phrases have the power to give any online prowler an instant high. Four most appreciated of these magic phrases, which are also features of the best […]The post Private Internet Access VPN Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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    Siteground Coupons 2017 – best rated Siteground coupons for 2017. Save big on Siteground hosting with these Siteground coupon codes 2017. SiteGround is more than ten years old now. During this illustrious existence, this Bulgarian based webhosting company has transformed from a college students’ enterprise run from a cramped doom room to a multimillion company […]The post Siteground Coupons 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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    Shopify Review 2017 – feature by feature review of the Shopify.com ecommerce platform. Is Shopify best for running an ecommerce store in 2017? Find out here. Shopify is a powerful online platform for creating a shop you can sell to online customers. Powering more than 400,000 stores and a starting fee of $30 monthly, the […]The post Shopify Review 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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  • IPVanish Review 2017
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    Godaddy Review 2017 – Is Godaddy worth the money? Find out how Godaddy compares to other hosts in this comprehensive 2017 review and comparison article. Godaddy is one of the best domain name and web hosting services available, offering a number of domain plans for users. For their domain name registration, we give them a […]The post Godaddy Review 2017 appeared first on Ericulous.
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